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Green Guidelines

Green Guidelines


Battery Park City Authority leads the way in setting standards for healthy and sustainable environments.

In January 2000, the Battery Park City Authority published the Residential Environmental Guidelines, to establish a process for the creation of environmentally responsible residential buildings, appreciably ahead of current standards and practices for development. These guidelines were responsible for the construction of the first "green" residential tower in the United States. This innovative building, The Solaire, was the first in a succession of residential buildings that will become the model for healthier, ecologically responsible environments where occupants collectively enjoy the benefits of living in a “green” community.

Seeking to bring the same leadership to the field of Commercial and Institutional development, the Battery Park City Authority issued the Commercial / Institutional Environmental Guidelines in March 2002. These guidelines respond to increased public awareness of environmental conservation and increased demand for high quality and healthier working environments. They provide both the direction and the metrics for design strategies such that the resultant buildings are outstanding examples of environmental responsibility, thereby educating and influencing the real estate market and construction industry as a whole.

Residential Environmental Guidelines
Commercial / Institutional Environmental Guidelines

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